Wednesday, March 28, 2018

QR Codes to track student attendance

This is a topic that I have been working on for awhile now. I always run through ideas in my head, but some never make it out of design & concept. QR codes have been stuck in concept for awhile now, but I think they are ready to be tested this year.

I have seen tons of videos and tutorials about creating QR codes that link to Google Forms for attendance. I always had an issue with students just typing in their own name. Let's face it, how easy would it be for a student to type in another name?

So then I moved onto pre-filled Forms that had their names recorded already. But this is where Google let me down. I tried "hiding" the name in a different section, but since Forms doesn't see it, it never gets recorded.

But the problem of students changing names still exists. It took awhile, but I am going to try the following. I will turn on "Sticky Keys" on the device. That way students can't quickly change the name. Everything on the Form is clicking, so keyboard isn't necessary. I am also going to change the keyboard language. So no chance of the students being able to type in something. Now I have thought about the fact that students can quickly change those settings, but I will be able to see this and stop them.

Our school has a 45 minute period that allows students to go to any teacher they want. I would like an easy way of tracking who comes and for how long. I was worried a friend might pass his code to another student, so to solve that I will color code each period.

I feel like I have a lot of things in place to prevent abuse of the QR codes and expect it to work fine. I will be test running it for the end of the year in one of my classes. If successful, I will roll it out to all my classes at the beginning of next year.

How does it work? Each student will get a unique QR Code slip. When they leave class they need to scan it. It will take them to a Form that has their name pre-filled. They then follow the questions if they are checking in or out. And where they are going or coming from (restroom, library, office, etc.). On tutorial periods, I will scan in each student myself to make sure no one has their friends QR Code.

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