Sunday, August 13, 2017

Google Classroom tips for Administrators

Google Classroom is a great tool for teachers. Teachers can share notes, post assignments, give instant feedback, and now teachers can push assignments just to certain students. So how can these tools for teachers be useful to an administrator?

  • Administrators have to do annual evaluations on teachers. "Assign" their pre-evaluation forms to the specific teachers. Teachers can fill out their evaluations in a Google Doc and the administrator can see it right away. Teachers will love the idea of not having to download the file, edit it in Word, then attaching it back into another email. Everything is done in Classroom and never leaves. No more losing attachments.
  • Give out beginning of the year packets to staff. These can include, but not limited to emergency information, maps, schedules, catalogs, and any other paperwork that will most likely get lost in the first weeks of school.
  • Staff meeting notes can be given ahead of time. Have powerpoint to share? Put it on Google Classroom and let them preview it ahead of the meeting. 
  • Post a question to the staff about best practices or informal feedback about an idea. Google Classroom allows for questions to be asked. Have the teachers share some of their best practices. Perhaps a teacher can't be apart of after school committees, post a question and get more feedback from the staff.
  • Post a website or a video that you want the staff to watch or read. 
  • An extra benefit, anything posted to the Classroom will automatically email the "students" in the class alerting them to new assignments or announcements.
  • And many more...

The main benefit of using Google Classroom for an administrator is organization. Teachers will love the idea of not having to searching through their email accounts searching for specific emails. Everything that is important for the staff will be in one place. Google Classroom is a great tool for all educators and should be considered by anyone in education.

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